Deploy and manage a token in seconds

Deploy fair launch, anti-rug tokens seamlessly through Telegram.

Deploy a token
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Create your own crypto token (ERC20) in seconds.

Input your token's name, symbol, and other parameters - then deploy. It's that easy.

Fair launches

Anti-rug built in.

All tokens launched through Saintbot have anti-rug rails, meaning liquidity locked, contract renounced and 100% of the token supply in the liquidity pair.

Manage - Coming soon

Manage & build utility for your token.

Use your dashboard to tailor and customize the experience for your community.

Launch on the chain of your choice.

Deploy your crypto token on any chain that we offer - we're always adding more.

Deploy a token
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Revenue sharing


Participate in Saintbot revenue sharing by holding at least 1,000 $SAINT tokens. Revenue share is airdropped daily to holders.

Referral program


Earn $ETH rewards whenever you refer someone to Saintbot and they deploy a token.


What are the fees for deploying a token?

Saintbot charges 1% of your initial liquidity pairing and 1% of your token's trading volume. For example, when you create a token you may seed it with .5 ETH in liquidity. In this case, Saintbot would charge .005 ETH and afterwards 1% tax on all buys/sells of your token.

How do I keep my token sustainable?

When you create a token, you can define the buy/sell tax. This will provide you with ETH on every buy or sell of your token. This can help you with development costs, adding utility to your token, and more.

Where do buy/sell taxes go?

You can define your tax wallet to be a different wallet that you custody fully. Anytime your token is bought or sold, the tax fees are automatically sent to your defined tax wallet.

How do people trade the tokens I create?

When you deploy a token, the initial liquidity you supply (ETH) will be automatically paired with 100% of the supply and added to a relevant DEX (such as Uniswap). The liquidity is then also locked for the preset days you define (minimum 30 days).

Your token is instantly tradable as soon as you deploy.